Little League president: ‘Parks versus parking’ was false choice

Iwas a very interested party in the recent bond election. As president of the Fredericksburg Little League, I hoped we would prevail when the votes were counted.

Losing goes along with all sports endeavors. The baseball and soccer communities lost last Tuesday. But some losses are easier to forget. This one will be harder.

I watched a large church in Dallas go through what happened here. There, both sides were angry about the same issues but sought different resolutions.

Innuendo and distortions over time moved both sides further apart and at the end — while shooting at the problem they both were against they managed to shoot at each other and it was not friendly fire.

Here in Fredericksburg, a simple yes or no to the bond was used by the opponents of the bond divisively. How in the world do you reconcile turning the decision into “PARKS versus PARKING”?

While standing on the corner with signs FOR the bond, I spoke with several who had signs saying VOTE NO. They had their reasons, but underlying their complaints it became clear that what bothered them most was the process used by the city council.

I believe they each had a vote for those positions during the last election. It was wrong of them to hide behind this issue to get at the council.

The paper mentioned that Representative Biedermann claimed a “vague connection” to the group and that he didn’t “want to be quoted.”

I am sorry, Mr. Biedermann, but I will quote you. On the Thursday the sign was placed in front of his business, which I am sure he would want me to mention, I was entering the parking lot of what turns out to be my last visit to the business, which I won’t mention.

Asking about the sign, I was directed to Mr. Biedermann’s office. He came out to speak with me. Mr. Biedermann stated several reasons he was against the bond and told me that he was responsible for the signs.

“We own the land, so we can just mow it for soccer,” he told me.

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