Other intersections

See if you can recognize these three dangerous, obstructedview, blind-spot intersections here in Fredericksburg. South Milam at West Live Oak (wood fence blocks view) South Milam at Park Street (large tree blocks view) Highway Street at South Creek (large tree blocks view) I’ve seen many, many “close calls” at all three as vehicles have pulled out into approaching traffic. Thank you, city staff, for solving one of the problems by recently installing four-way stop signs at the intersection of South Milam and West Live Oak streets. Yeah! Please, could the obstructing trees at each of the other locations be taken down to clear the view (compensating the owners thereof) or put up more stop signs? I would hate to see anyone injured or killed in a vehicular crash at any of these locations.

Don Staples


Here’s your sign

Those of us who drive on Milam Street as it intersects Liveoak and Windcrest streets may find this humorous anecdote helpful: When a police officer pulled a woman driver over, she asked him to tell her what she had done wrong. “You didn’t stop at the ‘STOP’ sign,” he replied. “Oh, yes, officer, but I slowed down and eased through the intersection,” she answered. As he wrote her a ticket, he replied, “Well, the next time you see a sign that reads ‘Ease Through,’ you can just do that, but when the sign reads ‘STOP,’ you stop.”

Pat Weinheimer


Assault weapons ban

Regardless of the Second Amendment, we need to totally ban assault weapons. There is no reason for a civilian to own a weapon designed for wartime and massive killing. You can have a rifle for deer hunting or a shotgun for dove and quail hunting, but you don’t hunt deer with an AR-15 semiautomatic and a 30-round magazine. We also need to extend the waiting period for gun purchases and improve background checks. We should also close the gun show loophole. This has nothing to do with politics. It is just common sense. We must do what is needed to stop the killing of innocent people.

Ray Bluhm


Less land, less cost

I have heard about a relief route since the 1960s and, yes, we do need relief. I stated before and still feel Friendship Lane is the obvious path. A lot of the property is already owned, it is in a good location without many entrances, and it was considered highly just a few years ago. If TxDOT used Friendship Lane, overpasses at U.S. 290 and Texas 16 would be necessary. If TxDOT refuses to use Friendship, then I feel the city/county should purchase and complete extension plans to U.S. 87 North. This is taking care of our future at a lower cost to citizens. A major concern the proposed relief route has for me is a 400-foot right-ofway. Why should a relief route be better than roads coming into Fredericksburg? We need a smaller format road which would have lower impact on land. The footprint should be smaller and the cost would be lower. This could also perhaps make frontage roads not necessary. An 85-foot medium is also not necessary. A medium barrier is less land. An urban road format is more in line with our needs than a rural road. Does TxDOT have other alternate road designs that would better serve our community, which really wants a relief route but not cost so much as their present proposal? TxDOT has many different names for routes and “relief route” may be the problem. Perhaps it should be called Hazardous Waste Route or another name.

Judy Vordenbaum