Gear up for next time

The bond for improvements to our park system failed, so children and young adults will continue to have to scramble to find a place and time to play.

But let’s hope that city council will approach this issue at the next election, with at least, one minor change: give our citizens the chance to vote for or against the bond at their precinct, not have to come to City Hall to vote. And next time, better publicize the issue better.

Now, for those who want to see affordable housing in, or near, Fredericksburg, direct your efforts at the city council rather than against an expanded park system.

Were Fredericksburg to ever have affordable housing, the city would have to hire a successful, professional, grant writer and begin the process of applying for state and federal grants for community development.

According to Housing and Urban Development and other government websites, money is available for community developments such as affordable housing.

So, if concerned Fredericksburg citizens are committed to affordable housing, start with hiring a professional grant writer.

Mike Johnson


Rethink park proposal

Was the failure to pass the bond agreement necessarily a bad thing? I don’t condone the methods of that group, but I think there are valid reasons to have voted against the bond.

One, though Fredericksburg would be reaping the reward of additional tourists, they also wouldn’t be the only ones in the county using those fields. Fredericksburg shouldn’t have to shoulder the full brunt of that cost, unless an agreement can be worked out with the county so that out-of-city residents whose kids use those fields pay their fair share, too.

Two, many of the residents are elderly and retired. Why would they vote for something they wouldn’t use?

Three, voting against this bond protects Old Fair Park. Call me paranoid, but I see the addition of these fields as a future excuse to remove the fields from Old Fair Park, whose location can’t get any better in terms of accessibility to local users.

I have two suggestions that might help pass such a bond.

One, build something that everyone, retired folks, kids, young adults, teenagers, can use. Why not a city recreation center? Additional baseball and soccer fields can be included with this facility, as well as courts for sports neglected by this bond.

Two, get financial support from the county, not just the City of Fredericksburg. Then I think the bond will be more likely to pass.

Jane Bowie


Another mass shooting

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning in Sutherland Springs. People gathered at the Baptist Church for prayer and fellowship.

Shortly after the services began, a man armed with an AR-15, several clips and two handguns, entered the church and started shooting, killing 26 and wounding 20. The youngest killed was just 18 months old. This was the worst mass killing in Texas history.

That afternoon politicians were asked about sensible gun control laws, they all replied it was too soon to talk about it. Monday afternoon, Ted Cruz gave a press conference about the shootings. He was asked by reporters about the shooting and mainly gun control. He replied “it would be “unfortunate” to politicize the mass shooting. “We don’t need politics right now.”

Ted Cruz supports the right of citizens to defend themselves. I support this as well. But do we need to defend ourselves with AR-15s or assault rifles? Cruz is running for reelection in 2018, he has the support of the NRA, is he going to be the one to change the laws? If he won’t talk about it now right after another mass shooting when will he?

Beto O’Rourke, who is a member of congress, is now running for Senator. He believes that the House and Senate owe the country a real discussion on sensible gun laws and vote on sensible gun laws. He has co-sponsored bills on such laws, along with the action against gun violence that was brought to the House last year. This action was meant to move the House out of their complacency and move to action.

If what happened in Sutherland Springs upsets you or lack of sensible gun laws upsets you, then get out and vote and make your voice heard.

Deborah A. Hill-Russell


Law already in place

A letter to the editor in the Nov. 8 edition bemoaned Congress for non-action on gun control.

In fact they DID act, in 1968. Under that statute, the possession of any firearm by the perpetrator at Sutherland Springs already was illegal!

The problem was simple non-reporting — by none other than the U.S. government itself (here the military).

A critic may be entitled to his or her own interpretation but NOT his or her own facts!

However, Congress SHOULD act to designate a real penalty for failure to duly report such cases.

Charles W. Miller, Ph.D.


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