Legislator has good governance ideas

Rep. Larson of San Antonio wants us to get away from shallow, two-party show

Is this the strangest election year ever?

After both conventions aired in recent weeks, many voters remain unhappy with their choices, both of whom have high unfavorable ratings.

State Rep. Lyle Larson of San Antonio believes that the two-party system is due for some changes.

Larson asked in a recent op-ed: “Do you believe that mindless partisanship is prohibiting our federal government from operating at the optimal level? Do you believe that perhaps not all voters feel that they have a home within our two-party system?”

A lot of voters are leaning to a third party choice, but some of those feel it is a wasted voice or that their protest vote could assist the candidate they like least.

Larson suggests examining the current election process and perhaps consider a shift from status quo. Among other things, he thinks we should:

• Avoid the divisive primary process and let American voters cast their ballots on the same day in a national primary. “This would dilute the undue influence of some states over others,” he writes. Think of Iowa, with its ag-heavy choices or New Hampshire, which is hardly a diverse population. “The old sports adage that ‘over scrimmaging’ is more damaging than it is helpful certainly applies here,” Larson wrote.

• Encourage the formation of new political parties for those who feel disaffected. Many feel the GOP has moved too far to the right, but don’t feel comfortable with the Democrats’ reliance on government solutions. Those are both valid concerns and a third party could help foster debate.

• Consider a shift to a parliamentary-style system that replaces the partisan, two-party system with coalition governing. “Each party would have the opportunity to be part of a process that governs our country, while limiting the partisan divide that has metastasized throughout the last five decades. Is this idealistic? Yes. Impossible? No!”


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