Hey, y'all:You ain't seen my Texas yet


Colorado transplant already has favorite Texas treats


There is a Josh Abbott Band song called “My Texas” that talks about all the little things that make Texas Texas.

It starts with the lines: “If you haven’t climbed up to Enchanted Rock, drank a cold Shiner down in Luckenbach, taken your baby to the River Walk, then you ain’t met my Texas yet.”

This got me thinking, what is my Texas? Now that I have been here for just over a year, I have started to experience more of the Lone Star State.

My Nebraska friends from college recently visited and, when planning events for the weekend, I had to make sure they saw all of Fredericksburg in two and a half days. I had to show them my version of Texas.

For starters, I have caught myself saying less of “you guys” and more of the popular Texas phrase “Y’all.” I tried my hardest to avoid it, but it is such a normal phrase that I don’t even think people started noticing I was saying it. But my friends sure did. They even started keeping a tally.

On tap for the weekend was a trip to Enchanted Rock. We left early Saturday morning and made the trek up the great granite dome.

As we took a look back down, they took in the million-dollar views of the Hill Country. Even with little rain this summer, everything is still so green and full of life.

While Hill Country views are nothing like the views in Colorado, they are still pretty amazing.

I currently live in a small cubby-hole apartment down Old San Antonio Road, on top of a hill. At around 8 p.m., you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets, full of oranges and pinks and reds.

Now, that’s my Texas.

Another thing I have loved doing here in Fredericksburg is waking up early on a Saturday morning and running down Main Street. If you get out there before 9 a.m., it is so peaceful.

I wave to moms with small babies in strollers or take in the smells of French Toast coming from The Old German Bakery.

That’s my Texas.

Another aspect of Texas that I love, is the breakfast taco.

I have been a lover of breakfast foods my whole life and the popularity of the breakfast taco here is like a dream come true. I could probably eat them every day.

One thing that makes Fredericksburg special is its German heritage. So many of the families have strong German roots and love to share the stories of when their families first arrived.

I got a taste of this participating in the recent Vorfest and Schuetzenfest shooting competitions. I have shot a gun very few times, but there is something about shooting a gun that’s just as tall as you are that makes me feel a part of the strong German-Texas heritage.

In the final lines of “My Texas” Abbott mentions “being somewhere where they call you ‘friend.’”

Being here for just over a year, I have gotten to know the small community of Fredericksburg through working at the paper.

I have taken pictures of our finest high school athletes, meet a 90-something-year-old artist, interviewed Fredericksburg’s first full-time female firefighter, among many other things.

And that, my friends, is my Texas.

While my Texas may be much different than your Texas, I want to thank y’all for sharing it with me.