Getting used to the kindness of Texans


I have been in Texas for over a month now and I have come across many differences in culture. It’s funny how two places — Colorado and Texas — can be so different.

Something that has really stood out to me is just how kind and considerate everyone has been. Moving to a new city, let alone to a new state, can be scary. I am typically an outgoing person and could carry on a conversation with a wall.

Here in Texas, everyone has been so friendly. I was slightly nervous to start my new job at the newspaper but the second I walked in, everyone was so kind and welcoming. Everyone emphasized that if I ever needed help with anything I shouldn’t hesitate to ask. What a relief.

In addition to countless interactions among my coworkers, I have had very pleasant interactions with people in town.                

One  evening, I stopped by the Little Billies Football camp to take some photos. From past experiences working with coaches, I know that sometimes they only mean business. They don’t like talking to reporters and most of all, they don’t always like it when you interrupt their practice.

As I walked on the football field I expected to be asked who I was and what I was doing. Nothing. I eventually approached the coach and he was so casual and friendly and acted like this was a normal occurrence. I felt so comfortable. It also made me feel like I was working at the right place. Reporters can get a bad rap but he seemed to have no problem with me.

Later in the week, I emailed the coach to get a couple of names to match the photos I took. Again, more often than not, a coach wants nothing to do with you. However, the coach was so accommodating and kind. 


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