FVFD shoutout


On Feb. 2, I looked out the window and saw my horses wildly running up and down the fence line. Behind them the air was white with smoke! I went to the gate and realized the fire was in my neighbor’s field but had jumped my fence! My neighbors were trying to control it and called the fire department.

I got my horses into my yard and opened my gate for the trucks, not knowing that they were coming from a close grass fire on Old San Antonio Road. They were here in 15 minutes! Twelve trucks, yes 12, including Stonewall, Tierra Linda and Fredericksburg. They had to dissemble my gate to get the trucks coming and going.

What an amazing group of firefighters. They were so efficient and got everything under control fairly quickly. Although for several hours they fought the fire as it spread to my other neighbor’s property, they were able to get in front of it and finally stop it. It moves so fast!

Polite and calm, they kept me informed as they worked.

My ATV also had something wrong with a tire. I commend Justin Calhoun for going beyond the call of duty and helping me. The lug nuts were stripped, so he realized I would need to take it to be repaired. He got my trailer onto my truck, along with the ATV, and after they all left I was able to take it in for repair.

The next day they were at my door at 8:30 a.m., repairing my gate opener and checking to see if I need anything else.

Love my Fredericksburg Fire Department!

You never know when you’ll need them, but they really are professional and caring. We are a blessed community.

Maryneil Dance