Christian Job Corps will lend a hand up


New organization to assist with job, life skills


After getting a cue from a friend in the Kairos Prison Ministry, Danny McQuay decided to become a mentor, then begin an organization dedicated to offering a helping hand through a Christian lens.

As profiled in last week’s Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post, the Christian Job Corps will begin its work of training, mentoring and melding job seekers early next year.

Branches of this Alabama-based organization are forming around the Southern U.S., delivering free education to adults who make the commitment to better themselves through the CJC’s guidelines.

Some people fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Divorce, job loss, the lack of a formal post-high school education all can contribute to a struggle that is very real. Many of us live paycheck-to-paycheck, just one major expense, emergency or loss away from financial hard times. Those who are in between jobs can find themselves in a pinch in a hurry.

CJC will teach applicants, or “trainees,” how to obtain, then maintain, a job. These include the everyday things that don’t require a monied background or formal education: showing up daily, dressing properly and being in command of basic social skills, from firm handshakes and eye contact, to basic dining etiquette.

The organization also will teach those how to pick jobs that are a good fit, then how to put together a good resume, present oneself in an interview and dress for success.

Everyone, no matter what line of work, needs a good mentor. These helpful people offer their experience and voice to those who may just be beginning their career journey.


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