Builders association and plumbers


Last week’s editorial about the Texas Legislature’s failure to take care of the state’s plumbers and basically end licensing needs a clarification.

While the Texas Association of Builders favored correcting deficiencies and management issues at the State Plumbing Board, they wanted to transfer oversight to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The association never supported the deregulation of plumbers, a statement from that organization read.

The Texas Builders Association stated an influential group of plumbers opposed a sunset review of the State Plumbing Board and transfer of duties to the department of licensing. Once any chance of that failed, another bill to keep the current system in place failed to get to the House floor for a vote.

Our Rep. Kyle Biedermann had voted to keep the board in place. And last week, Gov. Abbott stated he would figure out h ow to extend the plumbing board for another two years, so plumbers aren’t “S.O.L.”

This is how “the sausage is made” in the legislature. We’ll see what flushes out.