10 things for which to be thankful


vate quality over quantity.

7. Family. Even ones with dysfunction brought us into this world and shaped us to be stronger. For most of us, this is the circle of love that envelops us and gives us confidence to strike out into the world.

8. Education. For all its challenges, our educational system is amazing in its scope and quality. It’s the cornerstone of our society.

9. Fresh air. Some residents of clogged cities don’t understand this simple pleasure we love about the Hill Country.

10. Ability to learn. From mistakes, from one another, from our experiences. This helps us build a quality life and pass our wisdom to others.

In this season of Thanksgiving, let’s remember the little things:

1. A roof over our heads and warmth. Our forefathers never took this for granted, but we do.

2. Clean water. Almost one billion people around the globe still don’t have access to clean water.

3. Plenty of food. So much, in fact, that our plates runneth over.

4. Our health. People in this town seem to truly care about making people healthy and not just treating their illnesses.

5. Freedom to worship. Again, we take it for granted, but many around the world are persecuted for their beliefs.

6. Friends. This is best when we culti-