• RE/MAX Town and Country owner and broker Dennis Kusenberger has lived in Fredericksburg since day one, and has used his knowledge of the town to sell homes since 1997. Kusenberger says Freder-icksburg is unique in that there are historical proper-ties as well as pieces of land with high acreage. — Standard-Radio Post/McKenzie Moellering

Selling Fredericksburg's history

RE/Max broker specializes in Hill Country homes

Born and raised in Fredericksburg is something that gives RE/MAX Town and Country owner and broker Dennis Kusenberger a leg up in the real estate market.

“What I like to say is that I know where the bodies are buried, so to speak,” he said. “It helps having been here forever and knowing the history of properties and families.”

Before starting his career in real estate, Kusenberger worked as a contractor for 20 years. But he eyed getting his real estate license in 1997.

“I was a general contractor and helped with building projects in town,” Kusenberger said. “And at the time, I had an opportunity to come and work real estate, so I did it.”  


Selling Fredericksburg

For many that are looking to move to the Hill Country, Fredericksburg stands out above places like Kerrville and Boerne, Kusenberger said.

“The town has a different feel with Main Street and the wide streets,” he said. “Being smaller than Kerrville and Boerne, Fredericksburg puts off a friendlier feel.”

Because of the rich German history and wineries, many homebuyers are sold before they step in the door to the RE/MAX Office.

“I don’t think you have to sell Fredericksburg, I think people are sold when they get here,” Kusenberger said. “Most people who come here from within the state have committed to being here from the start.”

While Fredericksburg is a desirable place to live, many homebuyers are faced with sticker shock.

“We have low inventory right now with a high sticker price,” Kusenberger. “If someone is looking to spend more than $450,000, we have a lot of inventory, but people can’t always afford what is on the shelf.”


Big investment

Buying a home is a big investment, often the biggest purchase for a family.

“Being able to find the right property and getting it for a great value is something that is important for me,” Kusenberger said. “They are investing in one of the largest transactions of their lifetime and looking to me for guidance so they don’t stumble. That’s a great feeling.”

Fredericksburg is also good at maintaining its value, Kusenberger said.

“It’s such a desirable place to live,” he said. “People want to come here and it’s going to be a good value for them.”


City vs. Country living

One benefit of living in the Hill Country is that homebuyers can pick the style of living they prefer, whether that be in the city or out in the country, Kusenberger said.

“People pretty much have their minds made up when they walk through the door about where they want to live,” he said. “Both styles require you to know the facts to share with the homebuyers.”

Kusenberger often shares stories from his childhood living in Fredericksburg with buyers.

“Other than being a native, I grew up on a farm and ranch and I have that experience,” he said. “But at the same time, I have the extra knowledge of construction.”


The RE/MAX name

RE/MAX is one of the most recognizable real estate logos in the world, according to www.remax.com.

The iconic hot air balloon has been the figure in front yards for over 44 years, representing over 115,000 agents in over 100 countries.

“People come in and tell me that they have always used RE/MAX. I hear that time and time again,” Kusenberger said.

Kusenberger enjoys representing RE/MAX because of its history, just like that of Fredericksburg.

“I get all the knowledge over 45 years, too. The name recognition and advertising and marketing knowledge is important,” he said.

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