Ranch-style living for all ages


Tres Molinas offers activities, accommodations and more


Spending time on his family’s ranch is some of Patrick Moellendorf’s fondest childhood memories.

When the opportunity came to purchase his grandmother’s land, he jumped on the chance to offer something unique to the Hill Country.

“My grandmother owned it and her father owned it before that, it has just been passed down to the kids,” Moellendorf said.

Tres Molinas Ranch and Resort is located just outside of Harper, surrounded by Hill Country views.

“The name came from the three wells on the ranch that were used back in the day,” he said. “We wanted to keep that name in the family.”


Family first

Moellendorf’s goal is to offer something the entire family can enjoy.

“This doesn’t have to be something that is scheduled months in advance, it can be something that you bring your kids out and enjoy the space and if you want to stay the night, you can,” he said.

Currently he offers horseback riding, ATV rides, fishing, hot tubs and more.  

“This really started around all the activities we did growing up on this ranch and we wanted to offer those same activities and hopefully, bring some ranch-style living to families,” he said.

With fishing, guests have the opportunity to keep what they catch or even have the resort chef prepare a meal if they desire.

Tres Molinas wants families to spend time outside and away from cell phones and screens.

“Growing up, we took the time spent out here for granted but we want to give young kids the chance to step away from their cell phones and just take everything in that is surrounding them,” Moellendorf said.

Goats, such as meat goats and pigmy goats, cattle, horses, Texas-raised Dall rams, and other wildlife all roam the ranch grounds, allowing guests to interact with them.

“Our horseback rides aren’t on a specific trail, we just sort of ride through the pasture and the brush, we even offer evening rides,” Moellendorf said.

Currently, Moellendorf has some pigmy goats that will be used for a once-a-month goat yoga session beginning in September.


Shuttle service

Moellendorf and his staff work to accommodate guests with a shuttle service that drives guests into downtown Fredericksburg.

Guests can either rent the van for the entire day or coordinate a pick-up and drop-off time.

“We know people come here to enjoy the wineries and spend time downtown, so we want them to be able to do that safely,” he said.


Event center and more

In addition to activities, Tres Molinas has an event center that can accommodate between 250-300 people, depending on how the space is set up.

It can be used for weddings, graduations, reunions, corporate events and more.

On the resort grounds are three separate bed and breakfast cottages and six RV hook-up sites for guests wishing to stay overnight.

“These B&B’s are set up right in the center of the activities and with views of the Hill Country at one of the highest points in the county,” he said. “We wanted to set this up so it can be enjoyed for generations to come, even as Harper grows.”

Tres Molinas also offers a steak night every Friday evening complete with live music or entertainment, all of which is open to the public.

“Right now, we are averaging around 75-125 people each week and we hope that continues to grow,” Moellendorf said.