Moving off Main Street


Fredericksburg Fudge moves retail space to same location as kitchen


After a 38-year run on Main Street, Fredericksburg Fudge will move its retail business to their permanent candy kitchen, located at 178 Industrial Loop.

The store closed its doors at 218 East Main Street earlier this month and has plans to re-open by May 1.

With the change will come new store hours. The business will now be closed on Sundays and weekly hours are pending.

Fredericksburg Fudge, known for its Frozen Hot Chocolate and “melt-in-your-mouth” creamy fudge, will continue to serve the same treats at the new location, according to a spokesman.

Known by many around town as the “Candy Man,” owner and founder John Honigschmidt developed fudge and candy recipes that would take the name Fredericksburg Fudge to new heights in the 1980s.

Honigschmidt offered handmade fudges and candies using no preservatives or additives and still made the old-fashioned way — cooked in a copper kettle in small batches.

Following Honigschmidt’s passing in 2017 after a battle with cancer, his wife of 26 years, Laura LaSala, known by most around town as “Yaya,” has worked to maintain his legacy, making his fudges and candies just as he did for more than 36 years.

“The last two years have been filled with many positive changes and we’re excited about the new direction we’re about to take,” LaSala said. “John had dedicated employees that helped me continue the candy and fudge-making recipes that have made Fredericksburg Fudge a well-known name throughout the South. And that won’t change.”  

“In the last two years alone, we have tested and perfected over 30 new candies or treats,” said Director for Fredericksburg Fudge Diana Phillips. “It’s been an honor for me to work alongside my sister and ensure the continued success that John created.”

The sister duo maintains the goals Honigschmidt established of customer service and pride in the Fredericksburg Fudge brand.

Honigschmidt considered success as being associated with a good product, having customers view the products favorably, and putting a sweet smile on every customer’s face, Phillips said.  

“We’ve not only continued business in that same fashion, but our goal is to give back to the community more each year,” Phillips said.  

Fredericksburg Fudge is expanding its range products to meet the needs of the market.

“Plans mean moving all our workforce to our candy kitchen. I think the community will enjoy seeing the changes we will make to our candy kitchen as progress unfolds,” Phillips said. “Even though we’re moving the retail store off of downtown Main Street, retail sales will continue at our candy kitchen.”

“We’ll continue our wholesale business, grow the mail-order business that has taken off over the past couple of years and still have a retail store presence in town — with plenty of parking for all of our guests,” LaSala said.  

Phillips added that new products are in development and can be expected to be revealed in the next quarter.

“We will continue to serve our famous frozen hot chocolate, frozen peach lemonade and fudge, but we want to continue John’s sweet legacy,” she said.