• Farmhouse Charm owner Debbie Feller, far right, opened the décor and an-tique store in late August. She is often accompanied by her daughter, Katelyn and granddaughter, Riley, who help operate the store. —Standard-Radio Post/McKenzie Moellering

Filling the farmhouse home

Six years ago after her husband fell ill, Debbie Feller needed a way to make ends meet.

She had a friend who owned a local shop and was able to rent out space selling décor, antiques and hand-painted furniture.

Now, Feller is the owner of her own space, Farmhouse Charm, in two historic Fredericksburg buildings.

“We just kind of started and made our way by having space at Trade Days and at different festivals in Burnet and Marble Falls,” Feller said.

When the opportunity to own the buildings on the west side of town became available, she decided it was time to grow.

“These buildings have always sat empty and I needed to jump on them because I have loved them forever,” she said.


Style evolution

When Feller first jumped into the business world, she sold items that were more “shabby chic” as that was the style. With time, that changed.

Today, Feller sells home décor items in addition to antiques.

“I am not an expert on antiques by any means, but what has worked for us is a little bit of everything,” she said. “We carry clothing and knick-knacks, new vintage-inspired items.”

Feller also tries to find items that are unique in the farmhouse style.

“A lot of people have different definitions of farmhouse and what that looks like, like French or Western, so we incorporate all those styles to create a homey feel,” she said. “Anything you can imagine in your farmhouse, we have that here.”

She also tries to find things that are common and unique and usable. 

“If you get the wow factor when you see it, then other people will too,” she said. “People come in and tell us about how we have unique items that are still usable, because no one wants a unique item if they don’t know what to do with it.”


Location, location

Unlike many antique and décor stores in Fredericksburg, Feller is located on West Main Street.

“We have done well and we have grown faster than I thought,” she said. “I think we get the best of both worlds down here, as we have lots of parking unlike busy downtown Main Street, but we still have the Main Street address.”

She has also used her porch space to draw people in, placing items out for drivers to gaze at.


Bed and breakfast connection

Fredericksburg is a popular hub for bed and breakfast establishments and Feller works with owners to decorate their getaways.

“We have owners and decorators come in here and find interesting and fun pieces,” she said.

Feller also believes her store’s style matches that of Fredericksburg.

“It’s kind of fun to bring back stores like these since a lot of antique stores aren’t around anymore in Fredericksburg,” she said. “I really think my store fits that Fredericksburg style.”

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