Filling a child-size niche


Clothing store sells quality items with children in mind


Always dreaming of opening a children’s clothing store, retired teacher Kathleen Yosko and current teacher Katherine Graham, decided to fill a missing void in Fredericksburg.  

Their store, Liebeskind, or “Child of Love,” features a variety of clothing for children from infant to children size 12.

“There wasn’t really a children’s store in Fredericksburg other than one for small infants but what we have is totally different,” Yosko said. “We really felt like Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas could really use a store like this.”

The duo hopes that the store helps parents, grandparents and others shop for quality clothing without having to drive to San Antonio or Austin.

“We want people to shop here and find children’s clothes and accessories and not have to go out of the community to do so,” Yosko said.

Currently, they offer everything from casual wear to church clothes to even some swimsuits.

“It’s really fun picking out these pieces for their children,” Yosko said.


The right brands

Liebeskind sells brands that are kid- and community-minded. Some clothing items, like the “Birthday” shirts are even gender-neutral.

Some lines are made in America while others come from Europe.

“We look for brands that give back, that is something that is very important to us,” Yosko said.

Little Green Radicals is a brand that is fair-trade and made with 100-percent organic cotton.

“It’s so soft and sweet and even a little nostalgic,” Yosko said. “It’s just so different from anything else. You aren’t going to see some of these items anywhere else.”

Livie and Luca is a brand of shoes sold at the store. The shoes feature a design with kids in mind so they are built to last, using sustainable materials that are breathable and washable.

In addition to these features, Livie and Luca puts part of the proceeds of the shoes back into the community where they are sold. 

Liebeskind also features pieces that are similar in pattern and color so siblings can match.

“We carry these lines especially for family pictures so brother and sister can match,” she said.


Tween line

In the coming months, Yosko and Graham look to expand their offerings for those in their “tweens.”

“Since we opened, we have heard from several people asking if we have a line for tweens because so much of what is out there is a bit risqué and we want to make sure that these kids can still dress modest and sweet,” Yosko said.