• Owners Margaret Dooley-Collignon and Edward Dooley are ready to wel-come shoppers to their store, The Seasons, locat-ed at 116 East Main Street. — Standard-Radio Post/Yvonne Hartmann

Celebrating every season since 1995

New customers and familiar faces who walk through the door of The Seasons at 116 East Main Street are sure to be treated like friends.

That’s because owners Edward Dooley and Margaret Dooley-Collignon — who also happen to be brother and sister — want to offer their customers an “enjoyable and memorable shopping experience.”

“We acknowledge our customers as they walk in the door, ask them if they are looking for anything in particular or if we can help them, and encourage them to look around,” Dooley-Collignon said. “We also let them know that we are happy to answer any questions they may have.”

The duo has been in business for 35 years on Main Street, and have owned and operated The Seasons for 22 years since 1995.

At The Seasons, shoppers will find the store filled with inspirational gift items, home décor, hand and body products, Marshall Styler music, holiday and seasonal items, handmade Fair Trade merchandise, jewelry and accessories.

Among the unique-to-their-store items are Fredericksburg ornaments that are produced and hand-painted in the United States; inspirational family plaques, and photographs mounted on stainless steel frames by local photographer Robbyn Dodd.

To keep up with the latest in home décor, they travel to four different markets each year and read and study trend magazines.

“We are always looking for something new and different at the shows we go to,” Dooley-Collignon said.

“We also look for unusual gifts that people don’t see everywhere,” Dooley said. “We try to bring in products made in the United States as well as Fair Trade products.”

At market, they said their strategy is to evaluate items based on “Is this something I would buy for myself and would I pay this price for it?”

“We tend to be a little more traditional in our product merchandise,” Dooley-Collignon said.

And, she said, “We want to offer quality merchandise at an affordable price.”

They also like to work with small companies, and many times they know the owners of those companies.

“We feel like we can make a suggestion for special products that will be unique to our store and a lot of times they will do it for us,” Dooley-Collignon said.

While they don’t stock many of the latest “fads,” they do carry unique items like Corkcicles, which are triple-insulated mugs with stainless steel straws; Zee Alexis shoes; wine dispensers and more.

One fad that the brother and sister remember well are the “Beanie Babies” from the 1990s.

“They were our very biggest fad,” Dooley said.

One of the most difficult challenges they face is keeping up with the changes in the industry.

“Brick and mortar stores are really going by the wayside because of internet shopping,” Dooley-Collignon said. “We have to create an environment and atmosphere that makes people want to come in and shop.”

“People want to feel, touch and see,” she said.

Because their merchandise changes so frequently, the Dooleys do not have a website. “It would be a full-time job just to keep it updated,” he said.

And as the season changes, the décor in the store is also changing with hints of Christmas placed here and there.

“We are gearing up for fall and Christmas,” Dooley said. “We have lots of new and interesting merchandise. We can’t wait.”

But whatever the season at “The Seasons,” the Dooleys said that they are “thankful, grateful and blessed by everyone who has supported them over the years.”


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