Caring for our largest companions


Fredericksburg Equine Veterinary Services has served the Hill Country and the state of Texas for 20 years under the care of Dr. J. Craig King.

Upon King’s retirement in May 2018, Rob Franklin, DVM, and Matt Moskosky, DVM, took ownership of the facility and began taking care of thousands of horses.

“This was the first equine-focused clinic in the area,” Franklin said. “It started as ambulatory before building the permanent location in 2008.”


Not-horsing around

Treating a horse is much different than treating a dog or a cat, size being the largest factor.

“I really like the challenge, horses are very complex creatures with a lot of things going on,” Moskosky said.

In addition to treating a companion animal, Franklin and Moskosky have to take into consideration the horse’s temperament. Many animals they treat are used for performance, breeding or racing.

“It’s a passion and its hard work. The work is physically tiresome and there is a lot of risk and danger when working on these animals,” Franklin said.

Unlike a dog or a cat that is around for about 10 years, horses can live for 25-30 years, meaning their treatment plan is more complex and extensive.

“We can have the same horse in our practice for 30 years and we can see it from the day it’s born to the day it passes away,” Franklin said. “A lot of people’s livelihood is dependent on these animals.”



Much of the work the veterinarians do is seasonal.

Breeding season in early spring is typically their busiest time of year.

They will care for horses during the time of breeding to neo-natal care when the foal is born.

Moskosky specializes in embryo transfer work, a niche in the equine world.

In addition, Fredericksburg Equine will treat horses with colic, cuts, scrapes, eye issues, as well as annual treatments like vaccines and teeth cleaning.  

The doctors also provide a lot of resources and networking connections for horse owners and those looking to own a horse.

“Its important to figure out the purpose of the horse and before you make that purchase, we can do a pre-purchase exam, to make sure the horse is healthy,” Moskosky said. “It’s important for us to guide the owners and to provide care and treatment for these special animals.”


History of the docs

Having a passion to serve and care for some of the largest companion animals, both Franklin and Moskosky were drawn to the foundation started by King.

“I’ve spent my career just focusing on horses and have been a founding member of the Texas Equine Veterinarian Association and the American Association of Equine Practitioners,” Franklin said. “They bring us a sense of purpose and peace. At least that is the way I see it.”

“For me, I had a range of practice experience mostly in mixed animal and through the years I began doing more and more equine,” Moskosky said. “Animals understood me growing up a lot better than people did and, like Rob (Franklin) said, it brings you peace when you are caring for them.”

Today, 80 percent of the animals are equine, while 20 percent is small animal like dogs and cats.


Fredericksburg Equine Veterinary Services

•  Owners: Rob Franklin, DVM and Matt Moskosky, DVM

•  Established: 1998 by J. Craig King, DVM and May 2018 by Franklin and Moskosky

•  Address: 937 Leyendecker Road

•  Phone: 830-990-9052

•  Website:

•  Primary business: Equine and small animal veterinary care

•  Employees: 5