A new place to chill...or sauna...or tan


After 10 years, Lauren Burdett was ready to offer more than just cuts and colors and start offering health and beauty treatments.

So, in April, she opened root•ology, a business focused on wellness and health using all-natural, organic, vegan products. Reflected in the name, Burdett said the name “root•ology” was chosen because they want their clients to feel grounded and rooted and in alignment from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave.

“I am all about doing things more natural and I started brainstorming ideas of what we could do not only as a hair salon but we could do as far as health,” Burdett said.

While the salon has only been open for a few months, Burdett said the community is excited.

“I think people like having these options in our area and I feel like they walk in and are excited to have these services that are typically offered in big cities,” she said.



In addition to offering salon-like services, root•ology provides services that are new to Fredericksburg.

One of these is cryotherapy, owned by Cynthia Kemp. A person stands in a sub-zero chamber for anywhere for two to three and a half minutes. It is specifically targeted for those in need of fast recovery or who have chronic pain.

“Our goal with this is to make people feel better,” Burdett said. “I personally love this service as it has reduced my back pain by about 60 percent.”

Ultimately, it should reduce toxins and metabolic waste while stimulating cellular regeneration. It also reduces inflammation and helps improve joint mobility.

On the warmer side, root•ology has an infrared sauna.

“We promote a cold/hot therapy package going from the cryotherapy to the sauna but the sauna specifically promotes detox and recovery,” Burdett said.

Beauty-related services, such as eye lash extension and microblading, are also done at the salon.

“Lash extensions are a good alternative to using mascara as well as for people who exercise a lot,” Burdett said.

Microblading leaves a pigment on the eyebrow to provide a fuller eyebrow appearance. 

Mystic tan is also available, providing a safer, less harmful way to tan. Users can set the tone and exposure of the tan as well as an accelerator which expedites the tan on the skin. A scent is also available. 

An oxygen bar, using aromatic infusions, is also found at the salon, a service that includes an increase in energy and alertness, reducing the effects of hangovers, sinus congestion and headaches.

“A lot of clients will sit at the bar while their hair color sets in but it can also be used to get rid of headaches and migraines and help improve seasonal allergies,” she said.


Feeling restored

At the end of a session, Burdett and her team hope clients feel better than they did when they walked in.

“What makes me happy is to see the way people carry themselves when they walk in and to see that change when they walk out,” she said. “To me, that is the most rewarding part. That’s why I do my job.”


• Owner: Lauren Burdett

•  Established: April 2018

•  Address:  1102 North Llano Street, Ste. B

•  Phone: 830-307-4300

•  Website: rootologyfbg.com

•  Primary business: Beauty and wellness

•  Employees: 6