50 years of specialty foods


Local specialty food business, Fischer & Wieser, recently celebrated 50 years of business in Fredericksburg.

While founder Mark Wieser’s family started growing peaches on the family land 90 years ago, it wasn’t until 1969 that they opened the roadside fruit stand, Das Peach Haus.

In 1979, Case Fischer began working for the business and eventually became a partner.

“When Case came along, he really saw a lot of potential in the business,” Wieser said. “And I saw a lot of potential in Case.”

Today, Fischer & Wieser makes over 150 different specialty food items that ship across the United States.

“One thing that I think has remained the same over the years is that when people come into the store, they are happy and they leave happy,” Fischer said. “That is our mission, to make people happy.”

“I think we’re second to none in taking care of our customers. That’s really important,” said Wieser.

Both are proud to call the Hill Country home.

“We travel to food shows and festivals and when we tell people we are from Fredericksburg, they remind us how lucky we are to live in such a great community and place,” Fischer said.

According to Fischer, there are no plans for retirement in sight.

“We look at ourselves as a legacy and I hope our kids continue to grow the company and I have no plans to retire,” Fischer said. “We plan to add more orchards and develop the property more and more so people come out and visit.”

“It’s been a really good partnership,” Wieser said.