'Golden Ticket' for senior citizens

For those 65 and older, a Gold Card carries the magic phrase, “free admission.” — Standard-Radio Post/Richard Zowie

By Richard Zowie —

In Major League Baseball, a “gold card” allows a recipient free admission into a game.

Fredericksburg Independent School District now offers a similar perk.

Beginning this school year, area residents age 65 and older can receive the “Gold Card Lifetime,” a pass that will give them free admission into any FISD home sporting event.

The card, which features a gold border and heavy-grade plastic, does not expire.

The pass is free and can be obtained at the FISD central office. It can be used for general admission into University Interscholastic League events, such as football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.

Reserve seats will still cost extra.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Wright offered the pass at previous districts he’s worked in and wanted to offer it to locals.

“I brought it up to our district executive committee for our new alignment districts,” he said. “Several others were doing it, and I thought it would be a good bonus for us to do it here in Fredericksburg. It’s just a way of saying ‘Thank you for your involvement’ for those 65 and older, who have been paying admission for years and years.”

Wright also hopes the Gold Card will entice senior citizens who haven’t attended games to do so.

“We’d like them to see just how wonderful our kids are,” he said. “Often, if you’re new to a community, such as ours, you probably have no idea about the school system and you might think kids aren’t as good as they used to be back in the ‘good ol’ days.’ It’ll give folks a chance see how much effort and time our kids put into their activities.”

Those who qualify for the Gold Card may obtain one at the FISD Central Office at 234 Friendship Lane. They’ll need to ask for Erica Lopez at the front desk.

FISD is online at www.fisd.org. 

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