Alfred Reeh family gathers for reunion July 26

Ninety-seven members attended the 14th reunion of the Alfred and Martha Moritz Reeh family on Saturday, July 26, at St. Joseph’s Halle.

During the reunion, family members enjoyed a social, silent auction, cake walk and door prizes.

The Alvin Reeh family donated two prizes, a $50 Smitten gift card, which was won by Hannah Moellendorf, great-granddaughter of Lydia Reeh Seelig while James and Amanda Rakowitz, grandson of Alvin Reeh, donated a bottle of wine with electric cork remover that was won by Edward Gold, grandson of Margie Reeh Duecker.

The Margie Reeh Duecker family donated a $50 HEB card that was won by Tana Lux, great-granddaughter of Lydia Reeh Seelig.

A $50 Opa’s gift card donated by the Vera Reeh Becker family was won by Donna Chase, a friend of David Ransleben, son of Mildred Reeh Ransleben.

The Dorothy Reeh Stehling family donated two prizes, including a wine rack with a bottle of wine by the Charlotte Stehling Klein family that was won by Myron Jost, son-in-law of Kathy Kasper, and a $10 James Avery gift card by Kim Stehling and Gail Stehling Fontenot that was won by Sandra Seelig Houy, daughter of Lydia Reeh Seelig.

A $75 HEB gift card donated by the Katherine Reeh Kasper family was won by Roger Schmidt, grandson of Olivia Reeh Weinheimer.

A red velvet cake made by Barbara Seelig Usener, daughter of Lydia Reeh Seelig, and placed on an antique plate was won by Diana Seelig Moellendorf, daughter of Lydia Reeh Seelig.

Houy also made a potato cake that was placed on an antique plate and won by Lyla Borski Reed, daughter-in-law of Alvin Reeh.

Candy guessing game winners were Ian Moellendorf, Myron Jost, Teena Gold and Royce Duecker.

Several family members were also recognized during the reunion.

Couples married the longest (50 years) included Charlotte Stehling Klein and Dayton Klein, daughter and son-in-law of Dorothy Reeh Stehling, of Austin, and Al and Josie Birck Weinheimer, son and daughter-in-law of Olivia Reeh Weinheimer.

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