Vietnam native to soon take oath of citizenship

Kathy Huynh, owner of Solar Nails, will officially become a United States citizen when she attends the American Citizenship Ceremony held later this summer. — Standard-Radio Post/Autumn Bernhard

By Autumn Bernhard —

Almost 10 years after moving to the United States, Kathy Huynh, owner of Solar Nails, is becoming a United States citizen.

To become a citizen, Huynh took the United States Citizenship test on June 3 in San Antonio and passed.

“For me, the test was very difficult. I had a very sweet teacher, Hailey Binford, who helped me study for the test. We would meet every Thursday for two hours,” Huynh said. “We would go through each question multiple times. Hailey would read the questions to me and help me remember the answers.”

Now, the only thing Huynh has to do to become an official citizen is attend the American Citizenship Ceremony which is being held later this summer in San Antonio and put on by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

“My family was very happy when I told them I passed,” Huynh said. “When I called my mom back in Vietnam and told her I was officially an American girl, she said, ‘Yes you are because you have lived there long enough. For me, you have always been an American girl.’”

Before the test began, the administrator asked Huynh multiple yes or no questions to check with the records they had. When they were finished with those, it was time to begin the test.

“The man finally asked me if I was ready to take the test. I told him that I was very nervous and he told me to take a deep breath and we can start whenever I was ready. He was very nice about the whole thing which helped me a lot,” Huyhn.

Since the test was an oral exam, the man told her she passed as soon as she answered six out of 10 questions correctly.

“After finishing the test and I walked out of the room, I must have looked like I had lost 20 pounds from being so nervous,” Huynh said.

 “I think one of the main reasons I was so nervous was because everyone was telling me, ‘You will pass,’ or ‘Don’t worry Kathy; you can do it,’” Huynh said. “I felt like if I did not pass I would be letting them down which would make me heartbroken.”

Huynh came to the United States in 1994 following a love interest. She was from a very small town in Vietnam called Ben Tre and was the first person to leave and come to the United States.

When she arrived in the U.S., Huynh lived in Long Beach, California. While there she did nails at a salon.

“I moved to Houston in 2000 and had to take more classes to get a new nail license. I had one in California, but Texas did not accept it so I had to go to school,” Huynh said. 

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