Valu-Med maintains long history

Besides owning and manag-ing Valu-Med, Matt Roberts rolls up his sleeves (figura-tively speaking) and counts medications as a certified pharmacy technician. He es-timates doing this task over 100 times per day. “If you can count to 30, you can work in a pharmacy,” he said. — Standard-Radio Post/Richard Zowie

By Richard Zowie

Since 1986, Valu-Med Pharmacy has served Fredericksburg. Its history, though, goes back nearly a century.

It began as Kallenberg’s Pharmacy in the 1920s and then eventually became Rees Pharmacy.

Mike Roberts took over the business in 1976 and renamed it Roberts Pharmacy. Then, following a move in 1986 to 707 North Llano Street, he re-christened the business Valu-Med Pharmacy.

Roberts, now a semi-retired pharmacist who works part-time at the store, eventually partnered with his son, Matt Roberts. His son then bought the business two years ago.

Matt wears two hats at Valu-Med: a businessman who owns it and a certified pharmacy technician.

“I just enjoy running a pharmacy business and doing behind-the-scenes stuff,” Matt Roberts said. “Getting to know how to run a business has always interested me. I found I enjoyed it and stuck with it.”

Roberts estimates that Valu-Med’s services consist of three areas: retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy for nursing homes and state-assisted living and compounding.

With compounding, they customize medicines, depending on a doctor’s orders, to exactly match what a person needs.

“You can’t get this in a standard commercially-available product,” he said.

Being in Fredericksburg a long time under different names, Valu-Med also strives to get to know their customers well.

“We feel like we have a pretty big advantage that with so many people having insurance, the cost will be the same wherever they trade,” Roberts said. “We can knock the other guys out of the park on service. When you walk in the door, people will know your name. You’re in and out in two to three minutes, rather than 15-20 minutes. We’re the only pharmacy on this side of Main Street.”

And, they also deliver.

Roberts described Valu-Med’s customer base as “very loyal” and that they like to get to know their customers on a personal level.

For more information about Valu-Med, call 830-997-8155 or visit them online at



Company Details

Owner: Matt Roberts (for two years; a partner before that with his father, Mike Roberts).

Address: 707 North Llano Street.

Phone: (830) 997-8155.


Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to noon; Sunday closed.

Established: 1920s as Kallenberg’s Pharmacy. After a few name changes, became Valu-Med in 1986.

Primary business: Retail and long-term care pharmacy, along with custom medicines.

Employees: Eight, including three pharmacists.

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