Dauna's a small-town stop

Pam Fogle hands C.W. Hammon his change. Fogle has owned Dauna’s Store since 2006. — Standard-Radio Post photo/Richard Zowie

By Richard Zowie —

In Texas, it’s not difficult to find a convenience store that serves a wide array of deli and hot foods along with the usual gasoline and diesel.

And Dauna’s Store, located in Harper at 23401 U.S. Highway 290 West, just east of the Harper Community Park, does just that.

“To me, it’s more friendly than most convenience stores I’ve been in,” said Pam Fogle, who bought the store in 2006 from her mother, Dauna.

A sign out front describes Dauna’s products and services: “Fuel, Food, Deli, Pizza, Beer, Ice, Corn, Ammo.”

For those unfamiliar with Harper and the Texas Hill Country, they also provide information and directions. The sign adds, tongue-in-cheek, “Straight and True or Roundabout Depends on Who.”

The country humor brings to mind the Cavendish General Store in Cavendish, Vermont back in the 1970s and 1980s: weary of people constantly asking for directions to the home of exiled Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, that store posted a sign that read: “No shoes, No shirt, No service, and No directions to Solzhenitsyn’s house.”

After spending about 15 years working for her mother, Fogle eventually took over the business.

“Mother wanted to retire, so I just decided to buy it from her,” she said. “It’s a place to stop and get gas and fill up your belly.”

Besides greeting and serving local customers, Fogle said her store thrives on friendliness.

“We try to help people, whether they buy anything or not,” she said. “If they need directions or anything, we try our best to help them out.”

Dauna’s customers, according to Fogle, favor the fried chicken and the pizzas.

“Probably the next biggest thing we sell is beer,” she said. “Usually at 5 p.m., when everybody gets off of work.”

She added, “Come see us. We’re real friendly and we’ve got some good food.”

Dauna’s Store Details

Owner: Pam Fogle.

Address: 23401 U.S. Highway 290 West, Harper.

Phone: (830) 864-4050.

Established: 1983. (Fogle bought it from her mother in 2006.)

Primary business: Local convenience store that sells food, gas, diesel and other products.

Employees: Six.

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