Support our public servants

By Ken Esten Cooke— In the wake of the senseless shooting of Fredericksburg Police Department Patrolman Bradley Durst, we are reminded again of the everyday dangers faced by our police, sheriff, fire and EMS workers.

Thankfully, Durst is recovering after the early Saturday morning shooting. But our emergency workers — whether paid or volunteer — must confront unseen dangers and potentially deadly situations day in and day out.

A policeman never knows who is in a car or home that he approaches for seemingly routine business. And our firemen routinely respond to dangerous, fully engulfed structure fires, some with ammunition inside.

Two ways we can help this week are:

• Give to the Bradley Durst Benefit Fund at American Bank of Texas, 1710 N. Llano (P.O. Box 1909) or 1037 Highway 16 South.

• Support the Fredericksburg Volunteer Fire Department at its annual fish fry.

We continue to be thankful for our public servants, whether they are a paid policeman or EMS worker, or a volunteer fireman. Their work helps keep us safe and our community is much stronger for them.

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