Small plane crash injures two at county ranch

Two persons, including a local flight instructor, were injured in a Wednesday morning airplane wreck in southwestern Gillespie County.

Bob Snowden, the instructor, and Joe Zullo, a retired physician, were reportedly practicing touch-and-go landings at Silver Wings Fly-In Ranch at around 10:30 a.m., when the engine quit.

The facility is located at 3749 Friedrich Road at Aviation Loop, between Harper and Kerrville.

Roger Hansen, director at the Gillespie County Airport, said Thursday morning that Snowden was in ICU awaiting surgery at University Hospital in San Antonio for a compound leg fracture.

Zullo reportedly suffered minor injuries.

“Bob was giving flight lessons, and from what he told someone, the engine quit,” Hansen said. “They hit a cattle fence instead of being able to skid to a stop.

“That caused a much more abrupt stop than they were hoping for,” and caused the injuries, he said.

The pair were flying a Cessna 305, also known as a “Bird Dog.” Snowden was in the rear seat, Hansen said.

Hotlink to Silver Wings Fly-In Ranch

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