A night with Rumsfeld

Former Secretary of Defense has valued grasp of policy; kudos to foundation for event

By Ken Esten Cooke— We were honored to be able to attend the third annual Distinguished Speaker Series last Monday, sponsored by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation.

The talk by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was yet another example of the foundation bringing a top-notch speaker to our town so supporters could hear from leaders who have shaped recent history.

Rumsfeld was remarkably lucid at age 81, and he hadn’t seem to age a day since he was broadcast throughout the nation during press conferences in the early days of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He answered questions from the audience with his trademark candid style, and he minced no words about whom he thinks would not be a good White House occupant.

But no matter if one agrees with his politics or not, it was valuable to have a speaker of his caliber in our small market. This series of speakers is unlike many public events in that the guest was one who had an impact on our history. Hearing from top officials who served in times of war may help us make better decisions in future conflicts.

As the international profile of the National Museum of the Pacific War continues to grow, we look forward to more events like this, and we thank the foundation’s board of directors for their work and their vision.

The Admiral Nimitz Foundation hosted James Baker in 2012 and Adm. William McRaven in 2013. Amazingly, the foundation gets speakers to donate their time as they are on board with the foundation’s mission and that of the National Museum of the Pacific War.

Thanks to the Admiral Nimitz Foundation and the event underwriters. Also, thanks to St. Mary’s Catholic Church for hosting the event in its stunning new Holy Family Center.

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