Breaking news: Mother, daughter jailed after drug bust in city

A mother and daughter are in Gillespie County Jail this morning after they were arrested on drug charges in Fredericksburg yesterday, according to the Fredericksburg Police Department (FPD).

A narcotics search warrant was executed just after 9 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 12, at 907 Apple Street following a month-long investigation, said FPD Detective Terry Weed.

Arrested on site were residents: Karen Mills, 57, and her daughter, Sarah Dvorak, 34.

Mills was charged with “Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance in a Drug-Free Zone” — a first-degree felony — for possession of 12 grams of methamphetamine (“meth”) in her bedroom, Weed said.

She was also charged with “Possession of Marijuana in a Drug-Free Zone,” which is a third-degree felony because of the home’s proximity to a daycare facility virtually a “stone’s throw” from the house, Weed said.

The daughter, Dvorak, was charged with “Possession of Marijuana in a Drug-Free Zone,” he said.

While the meth was found in the mother’s bedroom only, the marijuana was found throughout the home including in Dvorak’s bedroom, Weed said.

In all, there were 5.5 ounces of marijuana, plus scales, plastic bags and drug-related paraphernalia, including smoking pipes, Weed confirmed.

Street values of the drugs were approximately $1,200 for the meth and $400 for the marijuana, Weed said.

Arresting officer was FPD’s Tim Bobo, while assisting on the case was the Gillespie County Sheriff’s Office.

Both were in custody in Gillespie County Jail and awaiting the setting of bond on Thursday morning, Weed said.

There were no other occupants of the home and no one else on site at the time the officers executed the warrant, he said.

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