When worried about hackers, cash is king

By Ana Veciana-Suarez— Back in the day, a hack was not an act but a person – a writer who elevated the use of cliches to an art form or an artist too lazy to stray from a tried-and-true formula.

Hack now means something altogether different. The mere mention of the word spurs us to scrutinize our credit card statements, and for good reason. If you’ve ever had your identity stolen, you know that getting your financial house back in order can be as long and painful a process as a flare-up of shingles. As debilitating, too.

In the most notorious recent case, Target revealed that 40 million credit and debit card numbers had been stolen in a security breach. The retailer bumped up the number to 70 million when it included customer information such as phone numbers and addresses. I’m one of those lucky millions, and the retailer emailed with a deal I wish I could turn down: Because we value you as a guest and your trust is important to us, Target is offering one year of free credit monitoring ...

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Ana Veciana-Suarez is a family columnist for The Miami Herald. Email her at aveciana@herald.com.

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