We complain it's cold, but it's all relative

By Sherrie Y. Geistweidt


What will Sunday’s weather have in store for us?

What’s so special about Sunday, other than Feb. 2 being the date of the Band Boosters’ turkey dinner, niece Kallie’s birthday and the Super Bowl?

Why, it’s Ground Hog Day — the day when we all find out if this unbearably cold winter weather lasts for six more weeks or if warmer temperatures are just around the corner.

There was a day last fall when the first cool front arrived that I vowed to never again complain about the cool weather after the hot dry summer was fading away. I complain that I’m not a “sun worshipper,” and then come about mid-February, I’m complaining again that I don’t like the cold, either. So which one is it?

The other evening I stumbled across a weather report on the internet and learned that Sunday’s weather forecast calls for cloudy skies with a temperature range of 43 degrees for the low to 63 degrees for the high. (That means the low temp will be higher than the high for the day was on Monday.)

If I understand correctly, and if it’s cloudy as the forecast calls for, then Phil the groundhog will not see a shadow and spring is just around the corner … and not a minute too soon!

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