Residents warned about leaf scam

Residents are being warned by Fredericksburg Police Chief Steve Wetz to not believe the information printed on pieces of paper being taped to houses in an attempt to secure landscaping jobs.

The fliers appearing in numerous residential areas around the city, starting last week and continuing this week, are reportedly from D&R Landscaping of Bandera.

The small notes make an attempt to gain customers for the company’s landscaping services by stating: “After January 31, 2014, you will be fined by the City of Fredericksburg if you have leaves on your property.”

 “The notes are wrong,” Wetz said, adding that there is no new ordinance and the advertisements are spreading misinformation.

“We’re now investigating the case for possible criminal charges, but we want to get a notice out to people now that this is simply not true,” Wetz added.

He and City of Fredericksburg Code Enforcement Officer Annette Loth confirmed Tuesday that, while action is not expected against any normal amount of leaves in a yard in the coming months, there is a city ordinance that enables officials to act if there is a large accumulation of leaves, weeds, brush and other vegetation that is so bad it has become a “fire menace,” a harbor for vermin or other creatures, a menace to the health, safety and welfare of the public or is an “unsightly or blighting influence on the neighborhood of the property.”

Loth said she talked with a company representative and told him that he was not only soliciting door-to-door in Fredericksburg without the required city-issued permit, but that he was also “fraudulently putting misinformation out there that the city will be issuing citations for violations — which is totally untrue,” Loth said.

Currently, the City of Fredericksburg offers free curbside leaf collection from now through the end of the month.

After that date, there will be no free leaf pick up until the 2014 spring leaf pick up program begins in mid-March, but that doesn’t mean it will be against city law to have leaves in a yard.

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