FHS Aerospace engineering program seeks alumni feedback

Fredericksburg High School teacher Brett Williams, founder of the SystemsGo aerospace engineering program, is tracking down former students who attended any of his aerospace engineering courses at FHS since 1996.

“In order to evaluate this program for the purposes of sustainment and to acquire funding, we need to capture objective data and results,” Williams said. “We are asking former students to contact us and share ways that being in our program helped them in their education or career.”

Students are asked to send emails to info@systemsgo.org with their current contact information, along with the following:

•           Year of high school graduation;

•           What grade(s) in school did they take FHS aerospace engineering classes;

•           What colleges, universities, tech schools, vocational training schools, attended;

•           What degree(s) and academic honors received;

•           What careers pursued;

•           What company or business now engaged in;

•           Current title/level of responsibility, and,

•           Accomplishments or recognition related to these studies or careers.

While the focus is in the science, technology, engineering and math fields, students in any field are asked to respond.

Williams is also interested in general comments on ways that being a student in the FHS aerospace engineering classes helped in all areas of life, including benefits of leadership, teamwork, research, autonomy, community relations, confidence, etc.

Former students are also invited to send in photos of themselves in their current workplace or school setting.

“We would like to share these with current students and also through our web site and online networks,” Williams said. “We thank these students in advance for their help, and we are proud how they have taken the training from FHS into the world to make a difference.”

Williams added that personal contact information will not be publicly shared, but only used by SystemsGo staff to follow up as needed.

SystemsGo is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization developed at FHS and now shared with high schools across the state.

The aerospace engineering program, endorsed by NASA, is a two-year, junior/senior program in which first-year students design and develop remotely operated vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles for research or industrial applications.

Second-year students design and fabricate rockets for testing at altitudes from 80,000 feet to 100,000 feet. Students from these schools will gather in May at Willow City and Houston sites to launch 80 to 100 rockets.

More information is available at www.systemsgo.org.

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