Small businesses are the engine of America

Patronize our independent businesses, as they support our town

By Ken Esten Cooke— As “Black Friday” inches into Thanksgiving Thursday and beyond, solicitations from the country’s wealthy and marketing-savvy big businesses hit us at every turn — in newspaper inserts, radio, television, junk mail, social media and email campaigns.

While we consumers drive this, we hope you will give thanks for and give some business to our small businesses.

In our country, we tend to treat large-company CEOs like royalty or rock stars. Yet for every Steve Jobs or Jack Welch who makes their mark for innovation or efficiency, there are literally thousands of bosses out of the limelight who do what it takes to keep revenue flowing and watching expenses enough to make for a profitable bottom line.

For many of those small-business owners, their craft is a labor of love. They show loyalty to their customers because they are personally accountable to them. They show loyalty to their employees (while sometimes having to make painful adjustments) because those employees support their families with their earnings.

Small business owners share a camaraderie with others, who share their challenges and their successes. Rarely is their courage noted, though it surely takes gumption to step out, take risks and use an investment to pursue the American dream.

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