Russian journalists focus on local German culture

RUSSIAN PUBLIC TV reporter Olga Somkina and her cameraman Denis Rusakov visit the Vereins Kirche during their time spent in town learning about German life in Fredericksburg. The two work at a TV station in Vladivostok in southeastern Russia. — Standard-Radio Post/Richard Zowie

By Richard Zowie —

On Thursday, Nov. 21, television journalist Olga Somkina spent time in Fredericksburg exploring the German culture and asking residents questions.

Her cameraman was Denis Rusakov.

And when Somkina or Rusakov needed to ask residents any questions, because neither of them can speak English, Dimitriy Motovilov was there to perevodit’ (to translate).

If the surnames Somkina, Rusakov and Motovilov sound exotic, that’s because the three are from a town over 6,000 miles from Fredericksburg.

Vladivostok, Russia, to be exact.

The three were in town to film interviews and segments for a documentary on various ethnic groups moving to America and how they do at preserving their language, customs, foods and cultures.

They work for OTV-PRIM. A Russian acronym, this translates into English as Public Television of Prim.

Prim is short for Primorsky (or Primorye) Krai. In Russian, a “krai” is a regional administrative division in Russia, in which Vladivostok is located.


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