Is there a fortune cookie in your future? Why, yes

Everybody’s familiar with fortune cookies, right? They’re those doubled-over treats we get at the end of the meal in a Chinese restaurant.

Back in the day, the cookie would contain a slip of paper that had a fortune written on it (thus the name “fortune” cookies).

“You’ll meet a mysterious person in the near future” might have been one of the offerings. Or maybe, “Be careful on your next adventure.”

Whether the “fortune” related to an impending encounter with a new love or a gang of muggers in the parking lot was always unclear. But it set you up for an event of some sort in the near future; that is, if you believed in the accuracy of fortune cookies.

For me, the fortunes in fortune cookies have been about as reliable (or, unreliable) as the daily horoscopes. But I still enjoy them for the entertainment value.

Lately, however, it seems that fortune cookies don’t give your fortune, but, rather, they present you with some sort of lecture.

My wife and I have noticed this trend in the last few years when we’ve eaten at some of our favorite Chinese restaurants.

Instead of some insight into what’s right around the corner, chronologically speaking, we were exposed to something not quite in the “fortunes” category.

For example, one cookie read: “Speak only well of people and you need never whisper.”

Now, while that’s good advice, it’s not exactly what I’d call a fortune. Maybe these somewhat sweet treats ought to be renamed “lecture cookies.” It might be more accurate.

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