Proposed city ordinance means RV, vehicle owners need to find a space for them

By Ken Esten Cooke— Ask any visitor to town — and there are more than 1.2 million of them each year — and they’ll tell you they like Fredericksburg because it is a “clean, orderly” town. Junker vehicles and permanently stationed trailers, recreational vehicles and boats detract from that perception.

We find the mayor’s caution in “not wanting to create a city-wide homeowner’s association” refreshing, to paraphrase him from a recent meeting. Still, there is a fine line between balancing one person’s “property rights” or “liberty” with creating a neighborhood eyesore.

                The city is currently reviewing a proposed ordinance that would disallow the parking of recreational vehicles, trailers and boats without a proper surface or screening.

                We do think there should be an allowance for short-term livestock trailers, as mentioned by one person petitioning the council for a more lenient rule. Likewise, there could be allowances made for construction and remodeling projects that may require additional time to be completed.

But we also believe, where the permanent parking of those is concerned, that “anything goes” should be gone.

City ordinances exist for a reason. While Fredericksburg’s rules may seem more strict than other town’s codes, Fredericksburg also attracts a lot more visitors, in part, for that very reason. Pride in appearance is a big part of the appeal. That’s why temporary garage sale signs and the like, which become permanent fixtures in some locales, are not allowed.

                The bottom line is that people who choose to purchase a recreational vehicle or boat should make allowance for its storage, so it does not become a neighborhood fixture. That’s a responsibility that homeowners have to their neighbors.

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