Garrison Brothers introduce 'single-barrel straight' bourbon whiskey

Bourbon whiskey makers at Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye announce the first single-barrel straight bourbon whiskey ever made in Texas.

Initially, the Garrison Brothers single barrel bottles will not be available at liquor stores, but only for sale at the distillery. Texas Senate Bill 905, recently passed by the Texas legislature, now makes it possible for craft distilleries to sell what they make.

Visitors can now purchase the single barrel and other Garrison Brothers Texas straight bourbon whiskies at the distillery in Hye.

“For years, bourbon drinkers and collectors have been asking us to release a single barrel, and it’s high time we did,” said proprietor and distiller Dan Garrison. “Senate Bill 905 was a great motivator. Now we have something new to offer both old friends and first time distillery visitors alike. We’re extremely proud of our bourbon, we love showing off what we do, and we’re excited to add this to our stable of bourbons.

“We’re so confident of its quality, taste and character, we’ll put ours up against any Kentucky or Tennessee bourbon in a blind taste test,” Garrison said.

“Each bottle of single barrel will be unique,” Garrison added. “Master distiller Donnis Todd will select a new barrel from the barn every week. He will offer visitors his tasting notes for that specific barrel and fill a few special bottles — emblazoned with a silver Texas star.”

Visitors to the distillery can dip the bottle they choose into silver wax and personalize it — college ring imprints, initials, personal notes — no two bottles will ever be the same.

Each bottle will have the barrel number and bottle number hand-written on the side.

“Making straight bourbon requires a commitment of time, money and patience that most craft distillers are unwilling to make,” Garrison said. “High-priced consultants and professional investor-types told us this could never be done. Well, it’s been done now.”

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