Penman's tale: Fiction writing is favorite hobby

By Richard Zowie —


My cousin Greg once saw a picture of me with my thick, dark-brown hair and Coke-bottle glasses. Greg, always the biggest joker among the infamous five Burris brothers, replied, “Rich, you look just like Stephen King!”

That headshot is probably where most of the resemblance ends: King is 6’4”, and I’m 5’8”.

However, both King and I love to write fiction. He’s had enormous success, and I’m hoping to someday.

So, after a period of limited inspiration, I have returned to one of my favorite hobbies: writing fiction.

I have written several unpublished horror stories, some of them might be published someday, and some probably not. Some have been thrown away because they are far too abysmal for even their sentimentality to save them.

My current writing style reflects the type of scary movies I like to watch now. Back in the 1980s, much to my mother’s chagrin, I loved slasher movies. She was particularly upset about my watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and one other certain chainsaw movie that was advertised: “Absolutely no one under 17 admitted to this performance.”

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