Daydream to live stream

JD Rose takes radio dream online

When JD Rose was a kid, he used to sit in his bedroom and pretend he was a radio disc jockey. Now he is webcasting Texas music to the world. Oh... and he’s still doing it from his bedroom.

“I remember being six or seven years old, and had my radio station set up in here,” Rose said on the morning I sat in his bedroom interviewing him. “I had my little turntable and my little microphone, playing like I was a DJ. Now I’m doing the show in here.”

But instead of playing records for an imaginary audience, Rose now sends Texas music to the world via live streaming over the Internet at

Of course, he didn’t stay in his bedroom throughout his 33-year career. Hosting his first morning show at the age of 17, Rose went on to build his reputation as the popular morning DJ on several stations around the Hill Country. He was a founding member of the Americana music format, and for the past two years has been named On-Air Personality of the Year by the Texas Regional Radio Music Association.

It’s no secret that the job security of a radio DJ is pretty insecure. So this summer when Rose found himself between jobs, he decided the timing was perfect to set up his own Internet radio station.

“When you walk into somebody’s office, you don’t see a radio on people’s desks anymore,” he said. “Now they are live streaming music over their computers. That whole 8 to 5 working hours radio time slot has really been taken over by streaming.”

And that is right where he wants to be — everywhere.

“You can get this on your mobile device or phone, run it through Bluetooth while you’re driving, or use a lot of different devices these days,” he said. “So you are not just stuck at home or work to listen, and not stuck to a radio. It is all geared to online listening and streaming.”

So far, his new venture seems to be finding an audience eager to hear his brand of Texas and Red Dirt music that he calls Rebel Country. In one two-week period, the station logged more than 18,000 streams.

But no matter how far his new signal reaches (he just took a request from Louise in New Jersey), Rose’s real base remains the one he imagined broadcasting to while a boy in his bedroom — his hometown.

“What I really want is to be Fredericksburg’s online radio station, to be involved in the community,” he said. One way he is doing that is by streaming all Battlin’ Billie sports. “We want to build up the foundation as Fredericksburg, but we also want to take Fredericksburg to the world. People can tune in to the show and find out what is going on here.”

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