Are Miller and Fraser liberal?

Ridiculous statement by fringe group slights two solid legislators


By Ken Esten Cooke— We received a breathless mailer at the Standard-Radio Post offices asking “Did Doug Miller fight for your conservative values?” Then it answered its own question with a “NO!” in giant red letters.

The group making this claim is Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, run by the self-important Michael Quinn Sullivan, who has made even conservative legislators tired of him by insisting on a purity test and adherence to unrealistic expectations on his own ideas of the state budget.

The group claims Miller earned an “F” on its “fiscal responsibility index,” twisting votes and legislator intentions into exaggerated political rhetoric. For the record, not that anyone is really counting, our state Senator Troy Fraser also received an “F.” Can you imagine what type of person thinks those two are not conservative?

Sullivan has asked all legislators to sign a purity pledge, to never increase taxes. His group has even opined against Proposition 6 in the upcoming Nov. 5 election, the referendum that will let the state finally begin investing in needed water infrastructure. If Texas fails to address water realities, and soon, its exceptional economy will suffer. The group also chided legislators for increasing its budget after record-setting cuts in the 82nd Legislative session.

Groups insisting on a purity test set themselves up for failure. We ask that anyone with honest conservative values not be sucked in by this group and accidentally donate to their Empower Texans Political Action Committee.

Thankfully, legislators and pundits alike are beginning to ignore Sullivan and his group. They hold no real sway, yet they spend a lot of money and make a lot of noise trying to bully legislators to take up their pet causes.

We’ll side with Miller and Fraser. Both are legislators who have actually had to do the difficult legislative work and reach across the aisle to get things accomplished for the state. That’s far more difficult than sitting on the sidelines, and whining about not getting everything on one’s wish list.

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