Bow-hunting season gets under way Saturday

By Lisa Treiber-Walter— Odds are running pretty favorable for hunters ready to get the early jump on bagging big bucks during the archery-only season when it opens at dawn this Saturday, Sept. 28.

“It may be a pretty decent opening weekend what with deer still coming into feeders like they have been,” said Gillespie County’s Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Scott Krueger.

Although last week’s rainfall has led to some sprouting ground vegetation and the acorns have begun to drop all across the county, “deer are pretty much creatures of habit, so they will still be coming around, hitting the feeders for a quick bite of corn before heading on,” Krueger said.

“The weather this weekend should be cool, so there are going to be some good opportunities for an archer to shoot a deer,” he added.

And the Whitetail that bow-and-arrow hunters will see in their sights this weekend should bring a smile to their faces. “The antlers are looking real good,” Krueger said. “Antlers are average or above average from what I’ve been seeing.”

And, looking beyond trophy prospects to the harvesting for food aspect of hunting, Krueger said this year’s crop of deer are also “average to above average” in body weight and condition.

The first-up archery-only season for both white-tailed deer and Rio Grande turkey runs through Friday, Nov. 1, after which bow-and-arrow hunters will be joined by rifle-bearing sportsmen for the 2013-2014 General Season from Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, through Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014.

A special youth season is planned the weekend of Oct. 26-27 for both deer and turkey (of either gender,) with a late season for deer from Jan. 6-19 and the Jan. 18-19 weekend for turkey.

A “special late antlerless and spike buck season” is planned Jan. 6-19.

While there are no big changes in Texas’ hunting regulations for the coming year, Krueger reminded hunters of a few of their primary responsibilities.

“Hunters need to make sure that — and this is the biggest violation we come across — they have their hunter’s education completed,” Krueger said.

All hunters born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, need to complete a Hunter Education Training Course.

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