Students can embrace fresh start of new year

We joke about students having to change their summer routines, wake up earlier, put the electronics down and focus on homework. Also about Mom dancing as she sends the kids off to school (see editorial cartoon).

But we hope students are pumped up about the new year and all the opportunity this fresh start brings.

Our schools, both private and public, have brought in new teachers, shifted some administrative positions and worked over the summer to create curriculums that are illuminating and challenging.

We extoll students to embrace the start of another new year. In Fredericksburg, Harper, Doss and at private schools, children should be reminded that education is not a given in every society. We remind each child, whether rich or poor, black, white or brown, that a strong educational foundation is the key to learning and reaching their true potential in life.

We also hope students at our schools will help their administrators get serious about combatting drug use. After a tragedy last year, it became clear that local schools are not immune to problems with narcotics. Fredericksburg Independent School District’s board of trustees mulled changes to its student policies and recently put more teeth into the punitive side of drug use.

Yet students must also take part in the preventive side, which will include letting administrators know when someone is bringing dangerous substances onto campus.

Chemical drugs, sometimes fatal, can be packaged to look like candy, even using iconic children’s images like Scooby Doo, or My Little Pony, or even smelling like the Pop Rocks candy. We urge students to never take any unknown substance, and report potentially harmful substances immediately.

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