New reporter says hello

By Richard Zowie —

In 1983, when I was 10, on our way home to Beeville, my father and I traveled through Fredericksburg.

I remember a tall building — it may have been a church — and thinking the city looked very historical.

Little did I know that, 30 years later, I would return to Fredericksburg to work at the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.

Goodbye, South Texas Coastal Bend; hello, Texas Hill Country.

Following almost nine years living in Michigan and working in radio, news and retail, I am now back in Texas, for good.

Michigan’s cool summers and falls were great, and the winters didn’t bother me —except when it was time to drive. I doubt I’ll ever miss those miserable Maalox moments driving on icy roads or during windy, heavy snow storms — especially at night or in the early morning. Several times I slid on those roads, sometimes off into ditches.

It’s wonderful to return home to the Lone Star State, where the roads are bone-dry far more often, where people don’t look at me strange for saying “y’all” and where people know Waco is pronounced “Way-co” and NOT “Whack-o”.

I’m also very thankful to live only about three hours from my parents and older sisters, and within reasonable distances from many of my closest friends.

And as I write this column, I know four questions readers will have.

Is Zowie your real last name?


While I was in Army basic training in 1996, I remember a 6’4” drill sergeant looking at my nametag in disbelief. “Is that REALLY your last name?” he growled.

Yes, drill sergeant. It’s on my license, birth certificate and Social Security card.

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