Misión organizer honored Saturday

GIVING THANKS for the work of Misión de Candelilla in several villages in northern Mexico, Santos Onate (left), a pastor from Coahuila, receives a hand from the group's co-founder Sara Allerkamp (right), who translates into English for over 300 atendees to the Misión de Candelilla Fiesta 2013 fundraiser Saturday at Oak Hills Church and Event Center.

By Matt Ward


Carol Smith and her late husband, Jack, were honored by the board of Misión de Candelilla during their Fiesta 2013 fund-raiser Saturday at the Oak Hills Church and Event Center.

The couple is regarded as two of the founders of the local organization’s medical missions to Coahuila and Chihuahua in Mexico 27 years ago.

“Without Carol, none of us would be here,” Dr. Ottis Layne, said. “Jack and Carol were going and doing agricultural missions to these villages in Mexico for several years before Carol asked Sara (Allerkamp) if she could bring a medical trip into these villages. Without Carol asking Sara and Sara in turn asking me, there would be no Misión de Candelilla.”

Retired teachers from La Porte, Smith and her husband were working with the Southern Baptist HANDS mission, teaching proper soil fertilization and growing techniques in Mexico before approaching Allerkamp to provide medical services.

“Jack had a strong, intelligent mind, yet he was a gentle, very courteous man,” Allerkamp said. “Jack lived his life by faith in the one he had given his heart to and trusted. Carol still lives her life by faith. To me, Jack and Carol are heroes, just like the other heroes mentioned in the book of Hebrews.”

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