Top marksmen to compete at annual Schuetzenfest

Gillespie County’s top marksmen will gather Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 3-4, for the 118th annual Gillespie County Schuetzenfest, hosted this year by the Hubertus Shooting Club at the Bear Creek range.

Shooters can sign up through Wednesday, July 31, at Stroeher and Olfers, Inc. Cost to sign up is $35.

When Fredericksburg was founded in the mid-1840s, inhabitants relied on sharpshooting skills to put food on their tables as well as to insure safety. And, while methods of providing sustenance and common welfare may have modernized over the years that followed, the commitment to expert marksmanship still lives on.

This 170-year-plus tradition is remembered with the scheduling of several events by six groups that make up the Gillespie County Schuetzenbund (Shooting Club). Those clubs are Bear Creek, Tivydale, Hubertus, Grapetown, Barons Creek and Scharfschuetzen. In addition to Bear Creek, the group’s shooting ranges are located at Grapetown and Tivydale.

The first event of the year was a benefit shoot held April 28 at Grapetown. The second shoot of the year, Vorfest, was held July 21 at Bear Creek.

The Schuetzenfest is the second-oldest community event in the county (bested only by the Gillespie County Fair) and attracts marksmen from all over with their long-barreled rimfire and centerfire rifles.

Gillespie County’s six shooting clubs take turns hosting the annual Schuetzenfest at one of three shooting ranges around Gillespie County.

All ages of male and female shooters who like to demonstrate their abilities in the sport show up to participate in the annual event in hopes of winning one of the two kings’ crowns awarded to the top overall shooters in .22 rimfire and centerfire competitions.

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