'Bikini's, Texas' is a big bust

By Dawn Savanh, guest columnist —

Most of our Fredericksburg community is probably unaware of the event that took place on Old San Antonio Road this past Saturday with the “grand opening” of “Bikinis, Texas.” Many who knew frankly seemed only slightly amused or didn’t care because, after all, it wasn’t their neighborhood being assaulted.

While I am personally opposed to “Bikinis, Texas” and its promotion of scantily clad young women as an enticement to sell alcohol, I am not one who would typically comment upon what a landholder does with his own property — until that use creates a danger to the community!

Doug Guller, owner of Bikinis, is no stranger to opposition related to his plans for this venture and our community-based concerns for the safety of our children, neighbors, property and the innocent participants of his events. Guller has charged forward with an aggressive public relations campaign to promote his privately-owned Texas town, “Bikinis, Texas” and its grand opening.

This promotion had not been without challenge, which began with litigation pertaining to the sale of the property and the subsequent claim that Guller had purchased “Bankersmith, Texas — a deserted Texas town” (a fact which is disputed by our community historian with legitimacy). Next came the realization that there is not enough land (1.6 acres) to legally qualify for permits relating to well water and septic systems. Yet Guller has stated that he is requesting variances to these laws and is sure that he will be granted those variances by September!

Still moving ahead with his plans of self-promotion, Guller realizes that he doesn’t have enough parking for this establishment. But not to worry! He’s in the county — not in the city of Fredericksburg — and claims he can lawfully promote roadside parking, which he does online at www.bikinistexas.com.

This preposterous event took place this past weekend! We witnessed over 760 persons anxious to participate in taking shots and having their photos taken with girls in bikinis and — let’s not forget — the anticipation regarding the presentation of Carmen Electra’s bronzed breasts. (That of course went bust when the bronzing couldn’t be accommodated.)

As a community, our neighbors and friends banded together and were actively involved in accessing the numbers of participants, the overwhelming traffic and the numerous other risks inherently related to operating and promoting an event with unlimited participation on 1.6 acres of land.

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