Teen confesses past, ends drug use

DRUGS ON CAMPUS — A tip from a student informant this past week led to the arrest of a 17-year-old Fredericksburg High School student, who was caught carrying “Ice,” a type of methamphetamine, tucked away in his wallet. Because the possession was recorded on a zero-tolerance zone, the student faces a second degree felony, rather than a third degree felony, for this first offense. — Standard-Radio Post/Lisa Treiber-Walter

Editor’s note: In the wake of two recent, but unrelated drug overdose deaths of Gillespie County males, the local community continues to mourn and grasp for ways to handle drug use among its teenage population.

One local student has made a powerful change and, in the process, decided to share his insights so others can better understand what is faced.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, his name has been changed to “John” to protect his identity.


By Lisa Treiber-Walter

Fredericksburg High School (FHS) students who use drugs do it for different reasons — they’re bored, they have a hard life or they think it makes them cool.

That’s according to one of them: John, an upper-classman who, up until just recently, was right there in the ranks of the regular users (although from the looks of his t-shirt, khaki shorts and sneakers, he seems more like a clean-cut kid and less like the stereotypical red-eyed, slow-talking “pot-head” depicted on television).

“The deal with kids and drugs is — they feel like life is boring, life isn’t fun. They also think that (using) is the cool thing to do. They think it’s going to make them popular — only, usually people don’t want other people knowing about them using,” which makes gaining popularity from it a bit tricky, he said.

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