Cloud of scam has silver living

VALUABLE LESSON — Gladys and John Edwards were the victims of phone scammers. Their hope is that others won’t fall into the same trap. — Standard-Radio Post photo

By Danny Hirt

Thanks to the good-heartedness of a San Antonio woman who works in Kerrville, a Fredericksburg couple who’d recently been scammed out of $1,800 may be getting their lost money back.

The story of John and Gladys Edwards had been told in the May 8 issue of the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.

In April, Mrs. Edwards answered the phone only to discover it was her grandson calling and he was in Mexico and was in trouble with the law. He said he needed $1,800 for a lawyer or else he’d have to spend 30 days in jail.

Although the Edwardses had their doubts —  for one, she said the man’s voice didn’t sound like their grandson’s, but the caller dismissed that by saying he had a cold — the couple arranged to wire the money to help their grandchild.

As it turned out, the caller was not their relative and the $1,800 appeared to be lost forever.

This is where Ashley McGee steps into the picture.

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