Thinking Out Loud: Questions for the ages

By Danny Hirt —

There are some questions I have wondered about and I’d like to ask them at this time.

Some of the queries might seem silly; others might have a little more meat on them. But, to me, they’re all important.


Is it asking too much of the driving public to put their vehicle headlights on when traveling early in the morning or around dusk?

It’s not uncommon for me to drive to work early enough in the morning (especially if there are any clouds in the sky) so that there can be a gloomy look to the day.

It’s gray, see, and I hope I don’t run into any of my fellow travelers. And seeing headlights on the approaching automobiles would sure go a long way in preventing any fender-benders (or worse).

I trust that keeping their headlights off at those times of the day isn’t a demonstration of some kind of misdirected machismo; a way to prove one’s manhood (or, womanhood) on the roadways.

Headlights (not just parking lights, although that would be better than nothing) come with every car; there’s no additional charge for them.

All I’m asking is please use your headlights when the skies are darker. It’s a safety thing, okay.


When a man gets older, why does his hair stop growing on the top of the head and move down to the ears, nose and eyebrows?

Is it something in the male gene pool that causes this? I’m sure Charles Darwin would have had some evolutionary response to this question.


If asparagus is such a fast-growing plant, why is it so expensive?

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