Just put the phone down while driving

By Ken Esten Cooke—

One bill that did not pass was a ban on texting and emailing while driving.

The proliferation of smart phones has meant everyone has constant access to communication, but instead of legislating this, we should simply teach our young and old drivers alike to put the phone down while they are in the car.

Gov. Perry vetoed a bill last session banning texting while driving. This session, a bill passed in the House, but died in the Texas Senate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that texting while driving has become the number one cause of death for teenagers, surpassing drunken driving. Yet adults text and drive as much or more than teens.

Texting was involved in more than 11,000 crashes in Texas in 2011. Fatalities from those crashes numbered 2,600.

Legislation may not be the way to go. Perhaps the best thing we can do for our young people is provide a good example and put down our own phones while driving.

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